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 [PLEASE READ!] Rules and Guidelines: General Posting.

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Canada, eh?
Canada, eh?

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[PLEASE READ!] Rules and Guidelines: General Posting. Empty
PostSubject: [PLEASE READ!] Rules and Guidelines: General Posting.   [PLEASE READ!] Rules and Guidelines: General Posting. I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 13, 2010 12:46 am

Overall General Posting Rules & Guidelines.

[FIRST.] You must follow all of the rules in which you agreed to in order to sign up here. If you need a refresher, you can find a copy here: [link].

Various things to not do:

Flaming & Trolling: Hateful and abusive posts directed at any of our forum goers is considered flaming. Intentionally posting these kinds of posts in order to spark responses from others is considered trolling, which is also not allowed. However, if it is in-character enough, and only when it is /in/ a roleplay, will it be semi-acceptable. If you go borderline and are just acting malicious without reason, you /will/ be warned.


Spam: Posts that are gibberish, off-topic, contain blatant advertisements for other websites, or have barely any actual discussable content are considered spam. The only place for said kind of posts are in the Trash Can forum, and for testing purposes only.

Advertising in a subtle manner of your own personal websites are acceptable, and discussion of other professional websites that do not include this one are also permissible. (So, no “PLZ VISIT MY WEBSIT PLZ IT SO COOL”, but “If you want to see more, you are welcome to come see my website at…”)

Random spam in the form of a game able to be played with others however may be posted in the “Forum Games” sub-forum if one wishes to do so. If an admin/mod does not find it “game-like” enough, however, it will be moved.

Quoting the first post is unnecessary, and will be considered spam. Unless you wish to reply to a certain line or two of a first post, do NOT quote it otherwise. It will be edited.


R-18 Posts: Posting, requesting, offering or distributing explicit content is not permitted in threads without primarily being labelled as an “R-18” post in the subject title. We do have younger users on here, and not everyone has the will to see those sorts of things. Such kind of content includes explicit roleplays, text, artwork, and videos.

If you are unsure if any of your posts follow this guideline, ask an admin or mod.

Overly graphic material is considered “R-18” also, so please do not post excessively violent, gory, or otherwise disturbing images or text without a warning in the post title.

One on One roleplays still must be labelled, but do not have to ask for permission to post said kinds of content as no one else should be participating besides the 2 consensual parties.

HOWEVER, we do not allow any kind of non-APH related photographs or videos of an R-18 rating on here. (a.k.a real life images, etc.) This is not a website for posting your own personal porn, thank you. If you absolutely must, please find some other method that does not include this website in order to do so.


Violations of any rules may result in a warning or a banning of your account.

If you find any violations, or threads that may need moved to a different forum, please use an appropriate report. The procedures for doing so can be found here: [link].

HetaWorld admins will not ask for your password; if anyone asks you for it, please file a report.

If you need to contact administrators or moderators for any other reason, please use the “private message” service.

-- Your Admin, Canada, eh?<3
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[PLEASE READ!] Rules and Guidelines: General Posting.
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