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[Last Meeting :: None since Revival.] --- [Last Announcement Update :: Dec/16/10.] ... Canada says: Okay everyone! Forum has been revived, I suppose... just a few tweaks left and then we'll be good to completely restart! 8'D Thanks for sticking around, guys who did. <3 ---

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PostSubject: OkashiiCon   Mon Mar 08, 2010 4:43 am

Okay Okay I admit it!.

..........Sweden makes great conventions. I will tell a bid about OkashiiCon

OkashiiCon was probably the greatest Convention I have been to like....since J-popcon 2007 (which was my first convention) J-popcon
And here is my little tale:

"The weekend Denmark dragged as Belarus and raped England & Britania Angle, 4 Russias, Cow boy America, Canada, Romano, Italy, Germany and how Belarus and China got a love child"

-sits in chair with pc on lap- Once uponer......Oh crap the 5 March Denmark desided to go to Sweden to check out OkashiiCon (which btw means StrangeCon NOT CandyCon) he didn't want Sweden to see that it was him, so he went to Belarus and asked her to borrow her suit, she giggled and gave him a wig a dress and high heels, and 3 diffrent knifes and a hand granat, and said "Put that down Americas pants when you see him". Denmark now dragged or as many says 'Cosplayed' Belarus at Okashiicon, He meet up with the only person who knew it was Denmark in a dress Latvia.
Soon after they got too Sweden and got a hotle room (together) they went to the convention right next to the hotle, here they first saw; Kakuzu, China(dragged as a random other anime I don't know) Russia (dragged as something I don't know) and A second Russia (from Denmark) and Lithuania (in a maid dress) who seemed more then happy to see 'Belarus' with the crappy wig (sorry my wig got really crappy). Then Denrus saw a third Russia and a cowboy America and a marfia England, and a marfia Italy and Romano and Ukraine came so now Denrussia had to act like Belarus, everyone felt for it, now late in the night Denrussia was sitting on Americas lap and England and America trouched him on his lap and under the dress, but in the end they both got molstered even more, Spain showed up telling he would bring Tomatos tomorrow but when he ran down the stairs he tripped and felt on his left arm, and it broke D: so No Spain and No tomatos the next day (Denmark was save) then Britanian Angle showed up and well.....let just say Denmark got a lot of fun in molstering the other nations.....sunday now! sunday Denmark found out that if he massegeret Russias back (and Italies) they would do what ever he said, to make Belarus happy he made Russia marry Belarus (Who was acturley him but no one need to know) Canada was the priest and Romano and Italy was the singers, Ukraine was bridesmaid and China was locked away somewere random.....Russia deny now the married but it is true BELARUS AND RUSSIA IS A COUPLE!!!!


Okay my own oppenion....I LOVE OKASHIICOOON!!!! I MISS THE CRACK PARINGS!!!! And poor France got the flu ;W; and poor Spain....well I hope there is going to be a Okashiicon 2011 it's not sure course it was on Germanys school and Germany is on last year ;w; (I still hope so).

Okay here is why I went there and why I want it to come again:

Why I went:

  • Cheap as hell!!!!

  • TheNinjaIchigos was there!!! (I'm a fan of Russia, China, ehm....I'm a fan of them all!!!!)


  • I wanted to cosplay so bad

  • I'm stalking a person that went there >D

Why I want it to be next year:


  • Even though my voice broke^^'

  • Hey come on! most of the Hetalias was there!!!

  • Pfff I just need it

  • J-popcon is to filled in a small place, OkashiiCon was so much better

  • Okashiicon just pwned SVScon, Genkicon and J-popcon

  • Italy gav me ice cream

  • Russia said she didn't botter if I visit her in summer

Okay and what next? for me?:

  • Need to buy a new Belarus wig (It is a birdnest!!!)

  • need to make Denmarks cosplay now

  • Denmarks axe (almost done)

  • Work!!!! get money!!!

  • Go to GenkiCon as Belarus and Denmark

Okay here is some... yeah ehm links to some videos from OkashiiCon enjoy:

---> Me and Latvias act (sorry it failed my knife got stuck in the dress) (we were on as #1)

<- bad kvality (winners)

Missing some of the acts but will update
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PostSubject: photos from OkashiiCon   Wed Mar 10, 2010 7:21 am


My new dog....(Slave) England <3

I'm Standing next to AMERICA! (I after that photo acturley put a handgranat down his pants! >D)

Belarus, Russia and....Who is that? (Canada)

Russia's pretty drawing

Okay Denmark you just failed on this!!!! DO NORMAL POSES!!!!

....Whaat? I just became the second largest country on planet earth Wink

....I'm stalking Russia and England is watching and....Lieuthania is in a maiddress...yeah Oh and Latvia is drinking Vodka....pretty much what happends on this picture

Dream couple...Me as Belarus...and that Russia I admirer and adore (the same thing!) the most WeHaveNoFaces.

This is a Danish Russia! and....ehm...I'm not giving the finger...I acturley just try to make Russia stay xD

He says he does not aprov yet everything is empthy xD

The master and his dog

Don't ask me about Sakura

I said something that needed to be cencored

Belarus creppy smile is...creppy....Sanji from One piece was to sticky that pissed her off

I loved that moment

The 3 siblings...notic Ukraine is the only of them looking cheerful and Russia looks like "How the hell do I got away?"

Don't fuck with Belarus! (it's Australia and Barry the Koala)

CARAMELL DANCE!!! Belarus gave up first followed by Latvia...Australia won>>

Gives Belarus a new site right?

South Park...gave England the finger all the time>>

One Pieeeeece (Seaching for his boobs)


Maid Liet and Latvia (Vash)

Remember Sanjis head? I placed it in front of Zero (right infront of his legs) and then walked of, MAN! Zero got a heart attack! xD
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Canada, eh?
Canada, eh?

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PostSubject: Re: OkashiiCon   Sun Apr 04, 2010 11:37 pm

Ohmygosh, you look like you had a ridiculous amount of fun. c:

Denden, dressing in drag~ -giggles-
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PostSubject: Re: OkashiiCon   Mon Apr 05, 2010 5:16 am

to Canada: Yes it was more fun then the police allowes xD
yeah Denmark in drag....BUT NO MORE! Now I got my Denmark cosplay -dans-
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PostSubject: Re: OkashiiCon   

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