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 Kink Meme game

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PostSubject: Kink Meme game   Kink Meme game I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 17, 2010 5:36 am

Okay Here are what we're going to do:

I'll write first chapter and then this following rankt will writh the next chapter (after reading the new chapter)
this will ofcourse have 5 rules:

1. Your charakter (that nation you rp) has to show up in your chapter somehow
2. Has to be timeless (which means you can't put a surten event in time in the meme)
3. the chapter shall as minimum have 15 lines with text
4. the chapter shall maximum have 25 lines with text
5. You are allowed to use other nations in the chapter to make it living. (Which means if Denmark talks then Sweden disagre with him) basicly you are allowed to you the other members charakters to creat a pretty/good chapter

This is the rank that shows whoes next:


and the last chapter will I then write after reading the last persons chapter. You don't want to write? then tell us at least so we are not waiting for you.

The team of the Kink meme: My Country is better then yours. (which also mean that it would be easy for you to put your charakter in the game)

Let's start

My Country is better then yours Chapter one

'I disagree!' got yelled across the big table at the World meeting , all other Nations turned too look just to see that Denmark was sitting with his gameboy playing wail Sealand was standing behind him chearing. Some of the nations started to laughed of the childish behaviour of the So old and smart nation even though Denmark might be the oldest of them all, he was still one of the most childish of them. Germany was unpleased with the sudden interuption he cleared his troat. 'DENMARK!' the Dane jumped 5 meters up in the air just to end up looking around at the glaring nations.
'Sorry' he said with a cheerfull smile. 'Typical that jerk' came from a known big mouthed Italian (Romano). Denmark just glared at him for a few seconds before smilling again.
After the meeting some of the nations went out to the hall way and some out in the garden, those who went to the garden was of course them who had glared the most or not at all at Denmark, and of course Denmark himself. Den was sitting on a bench when the more cheerfull Italien came to site next to him.
'Ve~ Mr.Denmark?' Italy started with a little pant of exsauting from running away from Romano.
'hm?' the Dane said looking at the younger nation.
'why are you all ways so cheerfull Denmark?' Italy's question draw the attention from many of the other nations in the garden.
The question made Denmark laugh, 'becaurse I'm living in a such good place' Italy looked at Denmark first time opening his eyes this month. 'Denmark is the best place to live' Denmark smiled like a child proud of a drawing he hade made. 'Ve~' Italy looked down before he could say more Denmark start again 'i mean I have like free hospitals and you don't pay for studing, I have alot of sweets and I am in safe from all kinds of dangoures nature things, DENMARK IS THE BEST PLACE TO BE! MY COUNTRY IS BETTER THEN ANY OTHER AHAHAHA' this made a lot of the other nations furious.
A not well known face come up to Denmark looking a little hurt by the sudden out brust the Dane, but before anything got like it should all the nations (on the list) in the garden start gathering around Denmark, and now it was a game to tell and show how much more 'AWESOME' your country was, even the nation that barely got seen got a spot in the game, Denmark now explained the rules of this 'game' he called it:

'Okay the rulls are like these; THis is a bottle' Denmark showed a empthy beer bottle and no one really wondered were he got it from, 'and we spind it and that person the bottle points at are going to tell about her or his country of how awesome they are...Okay?' every other nation gave a nod or a 'okay' as an agreement for the rulls, Denmark smilled and start spind the bottle.
And the bottle spined and spined and then it stopped at 'Canada'
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Kink Meme game
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